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Simple Joys: Time Off


I love holidays.  Not only the celebrating kind, like birthdays and Christmas and Thanksgiving, but especially the no-school kind.   Not that I don’t love homeschooling, but enough is enough, and it’s nice to concentrate on other things once in a while.


So far we’ve dejunked the house some more, we’ve caught up with many distant friends and relatives with Christmas cards (still have to do the e-cards, though), and I’ve started cleaning a term’s worth of odds and ends off my desk.


Ten more of our pumpkins have been cooked and frozen (or eaten), and I hope to do another eight today.  These are huge pie pumpkins that make as much as 4 pies each, and I have to bake them in the oven.  Our bumper crop currently decorates our house, but orange isn’t a very Christmassy color; besides, we’d like to move them on before they start going bad.


We have a huge bunch of new things to review and currently our children are exploring Worship Guitar Kinderbach  MathScore and Presidential Penmanship I still get to organize and plan all the other goodies and decide how and if they will fit into our next term, and who will be using what.  I love exploring new homeschool products!


And then there are new crafts and recipes and walks outside and puzzles and games and sleeping in and bacon for breakfast and all sorts of other good things…. 


For those who are wearily rushing around to get things done, remember that Christmas is about our Lord; all the extras are just that: extras. 


Wishing you all a wonderful break! 



  1. proverbsmama says:

    I have discovered that I am now allergic to milk, eggs, and wheat (or the gluten). Anyway, I got some books from the library on the celiac diet. Do you have any words of wisdom/websites to share that might be of help?

    I know it's really busy with Christmas, so there's no hurry.

  2. proverbsmama says:

    Merry Christmas, my friend!

  3. blestmom says:

    I pray you have a very relaxing Christmas break!


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