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Molly’s Latest Deal: More Molly for Less Money


I have been eagerly waiting for Molly’s March Money-Saving Digest to appear.  Well, let me tell you, Molly’s gotten even better.  You can now buy a monthly membership to Molly’s Membership Site, which includes the Digest, for less than the cost of the Digest by itself!  It seems like a funny way of doing business, but Molly obviously wants to help her readers out.  In fact, I’ve heard it described this way:  More Molly—Less Money


So what’s on the site?  Well, it has three sections.  


1. Molly Members Resources section currently includes five downloads, two of which are great.


A 45 page eBook called Menu Planning discusses how to set up your own menu plan and shopping list, complete with helpful forms and encouraging advice.  I love the helpful tips and recipes.   


There’s also an inspiring 52 week motivational devotional, Create in Me a Clean Heart, written from the heart by a mom who was defeated by her lack of organization.  It’s about organization and cleaning, true, but it’s even more about cleaning your heart, trusting God, and adjusting your attitude.  


Then there’s a very long list of links to various coupon sites, coupon previews, price comparison sites, grocery saving sites, deal sites, and cash back sites.  


2. March:  Spring is in the Air—Frugal Choices Everywhere. 

This section of Molly’s membership site includes a 50 page sneak peek sampler of Molly’s $7 Slow Cooker Cook book, as well as a $2 off coupon code.  Molly’s March resources also include more recipe books, gardening tips, a green cleaning book, spring and gardening resources for kids, and free seed sources.


3. The March issue of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest

This month I immediately turned to the  ‘This Is My Story’ feature, and I was not disappointed.  It was another inspiring story that brought tears to my eyes.  To the author of this article,  frugality… ‘is an intentional decision to focus on gratitude and a dependence on God…. It’s not about money.’  We had just finished reading Habakkuk 3 as a family, and in this story I read a modern day version of learning to rejoice in the Lord even during financial ruin.


Of course, this Digest also contains a lot more: 

  • It discusses grilling in great detail.
  • The forms section includes a handy page to record contact information.
  • Molly’s week of menus and shopping is taken directly from her cookbooks this time, and there are a lot of yummy, frugal recipes to try.
  • The Kid’s Corner is full of information and links about how US coins and bills are made.  This could easily be the basis of a unit study.
  • There are another 9 uses for pop bottles, including several for outdoor living.
  • You can also pick up tips about picnicking, gardening, crafts, stilts, ice cream, bubbles, water, lawn furniture, and even suburban chickens.


And here is my favorite Molly quote of the month, taken from the final section of the Digest.  “If you do not learn to be content with the simple and common things, then the rare and costly will only increase your trouble.”


You can get your Molly Membership, including the Digest, here for $3.95 US a month.  That’s a $1 savings over the price of the Digest alone!  Enjoy. 


For more frugal tips, please visit Tightwad Tuesday and Works for Me Wednesday.




Disclosure Policy:   I received a 1 month Molly Membership for free so that I could review it.  


Dial-Up Friendly Policy:  For the sake of my dial-up readers, this blog avoids visuals. 


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