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Congratulations to a Life-Changing Homeschool Company

The Old Schoolhouse is celebrating its 10th anniversary!  As a powerhouse in the homeschooling community, TOS has done so much for many homeschoolers, including our family.

The Old Schoolhouse magazine provides encouragement and tips.  The Schoolhouse Store is full of great resources, including Molly’s Econobuster products, which I now review regularly.  There’s also The Schoolhouse EXPO for a stay-at-home conference experience, and The Schoolhouse Planner if you wish to get organized.

Great as these are, there are two TOS initiatives that have actually changed my life:  Homeschool Blogger, and the TOS Review Crew.

While beginning to recover from a long illness, I had very little energy.   Sitting, reading on the couch, and thinking taxed my energy to the utmost.  I was too weak to read aloud or do housework, and tired of reading only for myself.   Since sharing helpful information and writing are my passions, I was drawn to the opportunity to review homeschool products with the TOS Review Crew.  

So I set myself up on Homeschool Blogger, without really even knowing what a blog was, and entered a safe, warm community of blogging homeschoolers.  Later I joined the TOS Review Crew, a caring and savvy group of dedicated homeschool moms (and a dad).  While still housebound, I learned to blog and review.  What’s more, Crew member Denise, who hosted Fit Mommy Friday, encouraged me every baby step of the way back to fitness.

Even though Tea Time with Annie Kate has moved on from both Homeschool Blogger and the TOS Review Crew, I am still very grateful to TOS for bringing hope and purpose into my life when it would have been so easy to become discouraged.  I am so thankful for a new world of friends, knowledge, and resources, as well as for the introduction to the fascinating world of reviewing.

Congratulations, Paul and Gena Suarez, on the 10th anniversary of TOS. May your company continue to bless and change lives, to God’s glory. 

Do you have any special memories of The Old Schoolhouse, somewhere along your homeschooling journey?  If you wish to share on your blog you can join the Tenth Anniversary Company Porch Blog Hop.   Or feel free to leave a comment below.   

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