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The Word I Dare Not Say Aloud

There’s a word I say that I shouldn’t.  Or so my kids tell me.  They reprimand me, so I dare not say it out loud.  But I still whisper it to myself, because I need to hear it.  What is it?  Focus!


It simplifies decisions, because you know your priorities.

It adds joy by reducing your distractions.

It magnifies time by redeeming your wasted minutes.

It brings calm by allowing you to live disconnected, without guilt.

It saves money by eliminating useless purchases.

It increases health in so many ways.

It lets you do what’s important.

If you’re feeling distracted, scattered, harried, frenzied, overwhelmed, or simply ineffective, try the free ebook focus: A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction by Leo Babauta.

Although this is not a Christian book (Babauta’s blog is called Zen Habits), knowing what is important—and focusing on it—is essential to living with wisdom.

This is a fundamental message of the Bible, but we are distracted by so many worries, choked by so many weeds, overwhelmed by so many temptations. Perhaps we need the wake-up call and practical suggestions in Babauta’s focus.

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  1. Jenn4him says:

    Ha! I thought the word would be “exercise.” I guess that is just my word I dare not say. I got the “168 hours” book you reviewed from the library. I don’t know if I can read it. I read the intro and may not get past it. I feel sorry for her. She believes that she can be a good mother and have a career. Time will tell, but I feel she is mistaken and spreading falsehoods. I liked what you said about the book. You would probably write it better than the author.

  2. Annie Kate says:

    Exercise! 🙂 That’s a word we do say a lot, although I should do more of it.

    Months ago, after I first read Babauta’s book focus, I used the word ‘focus’ so much, that the kids ‘outlawed’ it. LOL

    Even though I disagree with a lot of what the author of 168 Hours says, she has a few insights so valuable that it’s worth reading the first part of the book.

    As for mothering and careers, God tells us where our focus is to be….

    And thank you for your very kind comments about my review and my writing.


    Annie Kate

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