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Curriculum Choice Review: Comprehensive Record Solution

The prospect of getting homeschooled kids into university can seem quite frightening.  I was recently talking with a mom who is going to do online public school so that her children will have ‘the right courses’ to enter university.  She was cheerfully determined to follow this course, so I didn’t try to dissuade her, but […]

Review: Comprehensive Record Solution by Lee Binz

Occasionally I hear of well-qualified homeschool graduates not being accepted into universities because their records were not clear and convincing.  And I hear of parents who quit homeschooling for fear of this, or who are too overwhelmed by it all to continue. These things don’t need to happen. You can keep on homeschooling, and your […]

Preview: Comprehensive Record Solution

Wow, I’m so excited!  Last week I received The HomeScholar’s Comprehensive Record Solution and it looks absolutely great. The Comprehensive Record Solution is a program to help homeschooling parents prepare the necessary documentation for college admissions and scholarships.  Record keeping is intimidating to many of us homeschooling moms, especially when we realize that our teen’s […]

Examples of High School Records for Multiyear, Literature-Based History Courses

At one point I was asked exactly how I recorded my teens’ Canadian history studies for their university admission records.  I could see no other way to answer the question than to cut and paste the relevant sections from their comprehensive records, which makes this article incredibly long.  Hopefully it will benefit some of you. […]

Review: Homeschool High School by Design

  We have been homeschooling high school at home for over a decade.  At the beginning I worried that I might destroy my teens’ chances for their future dreams, but now we have learned that homeschooling is an ideal way to investigate and work toward dreams even if life’s difficulties get in the way. There […]

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