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Battling Burn-Out: Simple but Not Easy

One big homeschooling problem revolves around the questions: How can you avoid burn out? What can you do if you burn out?  Before we can tackle these questions, we need to know what burn out is. Burn out:  to fail, wear out, or become exhausted by reason of excessive demands on energy, strength or resources (Webster’s Unabridged […]

Homeschooling: A Life-Style to Be Thankful For

  How has homeschooling changed our life?  That is a difficult question to answer, because our family knows no other life.  We’ve been homeschooling forever, it seems… in any case since Miss 17 was old enough to attend junior kindergarten.   So I’ll answer the related question:  How would our lives be different if we […]

Homeschooling Advanced Subjects: Our Thoughts and Experiences

  The Blog Cruise question this week is, “How do you teach advanced subjects?”  Well, after puzzling over the question for a week, I’m still not sure how to answer it.  What we do depends on the specific course, but we do follow some general principles.    1. I rarely teach advanced subjects.  I make […]

Q: How do you do it all? A: You don’t have to.

Just how can I get it all done?  This is the question that haunted me for many years.  There were so many things that needed doing, and I just couldn’t get them all done.  So I read time management books (for fun and relaxation) and I did learn a lot from them.  But… I still […]

While Our Things Have Fairly Well-Defined Places, the Children are Free to Roam

Ever since I spent several sunny spring afternoons on my parent’s barn roof studying geography, I’ve understood that learning can happen anywhere.  In fact, sometimes the unusual places get the best results. I got 100% on that course, an unheard-of mark in our high school. With that in mind, how do we organize our space […]

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