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Coupons from Daily Feats

The other day my husband needed to get his suit dry cleaned.  That’s always expensive…but then I remembered my Daily Feats coupon.  Daily Feats is a unique site where you earn points by setting and tracking goals online.  Your goals can include everything from reading a book with your kids and exercising to flossing your […]

Pantry Challenge: What Next?

So, this winter’s pantry challenge is over.  Did we meet our goals?  I think so.  We’ve eaten a lot from our freezers and pantry and have saved money at the stores, all while eating very well.  And, as I hoped, we’ve also re-developed a family habit of using our food stockpile.  Not that there was […]

Pantry Challenge: Do We Hoard Food?

In the comments on Jessica’s Pantry Challenge a few weeks ago, there was a small discussion about hoarding food.  It made me think. You see, we have 3 large freezers and a pantry.  That’s mostly because we grow an enormous garden, a small orchard, and our own meat chickens.  Because it’s early winter after a […]

The Psychology of a Pantry Challenge

We’ve been trying to focus on eating out of our freezers and pantry, and the first week we did quite well.  However, this week I ended up shopping more than I needed to, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the trouble with a pantry challenge is purely psychological. A pantry challenge makes me think […]

Pantry Challenge: Liver and Toilet Paper

We’re one week into our January Pantry Challenge, and we’ve been eating very, very well.  Most days we did as we had planned and pulled the equivalent of a shoe box full of food out of our freezers:  ribs, chicken, sausages, soup stock, frozen veggies, frozen fruit, and even ice cream.  It’s been yummy, although […]

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