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Nature Walk

Rain, Fog, and Floating Down the River

So far, this week has been all about water.  Not only pool water, but mostly water from the sky, and even river water. We’ve had slow rain, heavy rain, and a cloud burst (> 1.5″ of water in 10 minutes!), as well as mist, fog, and humidity so high my husband feels he should be sprouting mushrooms.  Our […]

Red Water Pompom: Hydrachna geographica

This morning, after a bit of garden work, preparing for the next batch of meat chicks, and filling the dehydrator with lovage, Mr. 17, Miss 9, and I went for a walk down the almost-dry river bed.   We took the dogs along, which was fine until Miss 9 wanted to catch tadpoles in one of the […]

Halfway Through the Summer: Some Highlights

We’re halfway through the summer, and rather than moan about it, we’ll celebrate by sharing a few highlights of the past weeks.  I’ve got all sorts of beautiful, cute, and funny pictures of the kids, but since my husband doesn’t want any of our pictures online, I can’t share them.  That’s too bad,  but I […]

A Woodpecker Walk

Our eleventh Rideau Trail walk, the longest yet, covered snowy terrain through woods, along a railway, and into a residential area.  The theme of this walk seemed to be woodpeckers, but we noticed a lot of other interesting things, such as this tree.  We found fairly large skeleton with extra bumps on the spine toward […]

Rideau Trail Walks 9 and 10

Because of rain, we  did not take any pictures of our our ninth Rideau Trail walk.  That is too bad, because it was probably the most scenic section of all our walks, with a little lake, iced over, and a mysterious log cabin covered with pine branches.  Hopefully we’ll go back someday with a camera. Two days […]

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