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Bless Your Community and Your Homeschool by Suggesting Library Books to Purchase

Because I spent a few minutes online recently, members of our huge city library will be able to read books that might not otherwise have been ordered.  Everyone who reads these books will benefit from the wisdom and Christian worldview of the authors, and so I’ve blessed our community in a tiny but tangible way. […]

Christmas Gift Ideas

There are gifts, and then there are gifts that last.  The books and other ideas listed below will be sure to make memories for your family.  We’ve enjoyed each one of them and are thrilled to share them. Obviously, some of the best gifts are those that involve companionship and imagination:  a huge box, an […]

Weekly Wrap Up

In our life this week… It is cold and we’re going through our firewood at a great rate.  But that’s a whole lot better than going through heating oil. As I mentioned before, my son has been getting regular messages from Web Hosting Hub about how Tea Time with Annie Kate is using up too […]

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