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Review: Overcoming Social Anxiety by JoJo Tabares

Everyone is anxious in some social situations, and some people are anxious in all of them.  Such social anxiety has nothing to do with being homeschooled, but much to do with both personality and lack of communication skills. According to author JoJo Tabares, a communication expert who used to be painfully shy, “Shyness isn’t part of my personality, […]

Review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

  One day when I was feeling sick but couldn’t sleep anymore, I was looking for some light fiction to while away the time. Instead, I picked up The Tipping Point which turned out to be more absorbing than any work of fiction. Little things can make a big difference, bigger than you ever imagined.  […]

Farm Books for the Ordinary Person

For some reason, I gravitate toward books about farming.  While our family does not farm, we do have huge gardens, bees, chickens, fruit trees, and nut trees—just enough to feed our family and to share.  That’s probably why I like to read about people who work hard and make a living of some sort from […]

Review: Folks This Ain’t Normal by Joel Salatin

Modern North American life ‘just ain’t normal’ according to farmer and writer Joel Salatin.  Why not?  It feels normal to most of us. Salatin suggests that we are just too out of tune with the way things have been, could be, and should be.  We don’t even know the way things should be for the […]

Homeschool Review: EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey

As a homeschooling mother of teens, I was looking for a practical, insightful book about business. I wanted my teens to have at least some exposure to the business world and all it entails, and I wanted them to learn from a Christian. Well, I couldn’t have found a better book for all this than […]

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