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Review: 7 Women by Eric Metaxas

Biographies can be among the most inspiring reading, and 7 Women by Eric Metaxas changed me before I had even finished it. In this book Metaxes presents engaging biographies of 7 women who had a huge impact on the world. He describes their lives and times, discusses their motivation, and demonstrates their significance to the […]

Civics: How Our Heavenly Citizenship Affects Our Earthly Countries

One of our homeschooling goals is to raise citizens of the kingdom of heaven who care about their earthly country as well. We want to equip them to influence their culture for Christ…and this includes political action. How can we equip our children to influence their culture for Christ? Obviously, it begins with teaching our […]

Election Report Guidelines

You know how sometimes you just want your kids to learn and write about something without a lot of angst and procrastination? Well, we’re having an election in Ontario and that’s a golden opportunity for a report.  But this time I’m telling my teens exactly what I want to see in the report.  It’s almost […]

Pro-Life: Resource Links and Ottawa March

On Thursday, well over 20,000 people of all ages filled Parliament Hill in Ottawa to march in support of life and to protest female gendercide which occurs in Canada as well as throughout the world. As homeschoolers, we are privileged to make political activity part of our learning.  Our children are part of the protest […]

Learning about Earthly Citizenship in the Light of our Heavenly Citizenship

  We and our children are all citizens of at least one country of the world.  As Christians we are also citizens of heaven.  Our dual citizenship leads to a number of questions: How do these two citizenships relate? What is our country’s history, and how do its laws work? What does the Bible say […]

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