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Review: The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts by Douglas Bond

  Even though many of his hymns are still loved and sung, Isaac Watts himself, the ‘Father of English Hymnody’ is not well known.  Who was he?  Why did he write his hymns?  What influenced him? Is his work still important today? Douglas Bond, who attributes a deeply emotional conversion experience to Watts’ hymn ‘When […]

Handel’s Messiah with the Choir of King’s College

Friends and family members–including 3 of our 5 kids!–are attending various local performances of Handel’s Messiah this year. I was a wee bit envious but then my husband sent me this link to a performance by the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge. May you, too, be uplifted by the joyous strains and words of this […]

Review: Whatever I Want to Be by Young Avenue Kids

I always cringe when I notice little ones listening to beat-driven, raucous music.  There’s so much beautiful music in the world; why not let them listen to that?  That is why I’m thrilled to tell you about  Whatever I Want To Be by Young Avenue Kids. In this award-winning CD, Ilana Melmed and Young Avenue […]

St. Matthew Passion by Bach, Free Online

Easter is approaching, and it is good to focus on our Lord’s death and resurrection.   When we lived in the Netherlands, one Easter tradition some of our friends had was attending the St. Matthew Passion.  Others sang in it.  Now people all around the world can watch it online. Centuries ago, J. S. Bach wrote […]

Free Online Bach Festival

Here’s a Bach festival to remember:  10 days of Bach music available free online! From March 21 (Bach’s birthday) to March 31 (Easter) you can listen to Bach’s music as well as commentary from both experts and fans. Listening to Bach is perfect both as a devotional (if you know German or have access to […]

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