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Review: How to Blog a Book, Revised & Expanded Edition by Nina Amir

At the back of my mind I have a dream, like a child’s pretty pebble, that I take out, admire once in a while, and then tuck away again.  I suppose many bloggers have the same dream:  to write a book.  After all, writing a book is traditionally what writers dream of…and we bloggers are […]

Online AP English Language and Composition

Sometimes our teens progress to the point where we homeschool moms need outside support.  Miss 17, who has penned several novels, whose comments are popular on national news sites, and who reads much more than I do, needs more advanced teaching in reading and writing nonfiction than I can provide. We are very grateful to […]

Election Report Guidelines

You know how sometimes you just want your kids to learn and write about something without a lot of angst and procrastination? Well, we’re having an election in Ontario and that’s a golden opportunity for a report.  But this time I’m telling my teens exactly what I want to see in the report.  It’s almost […]

NaNoWriMo: Novel Writing for Kids (and Adults)

This Friday, all around the world, the writing frenzy of NaNoWriMo begins again.  During NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, thousands of people world-wide challenge themselves to write a novel.  Yes, a complete novel in a month—an unedited novel, mind you, but a novel none the less. My kids have participated in the Young Writer Program […]

Review: Grammarly for Homeschoolers and Bloggers

Marking my teens’ writing—after helping them improve it—is exhausting.  It involves evaluating their content, editing, proofreading, correcting, encouraging, and, finally, evaluating and grading.  Sometimes this whole process is too much for me.  And sometimes I want to pull in an outside authority who is not emotionally involved with my teens. I love blogging, reviewing, and […]

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