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Weekly Wrap Up


Rain, rain, rain.  The ground is soggy, the river is high, and very little of the yard work is getting done.  It’s cozy weather, just right for studying, eating popcorn, and preparing reviews.



Sometimes I get tired of looking at new curriculum materials, but we have been so blessed by the many opportunities we had this year!   Every day the children use Quarter Mile Math My Access and All About Spelling.   Every week, we use products from abcteach, wear aprons from Sense and Sensibility, study Professor in a Box accounting,  continue the interests in computer started by Web Design for Kids,  and do a chapter in Nutrition 101.  


This week we’ve been looking at an online career planning program and some assessment tests put out by ACT Advantage.   I hope to post that review on Monday.


Memory Work

The children learned their usual catechism work as well as a hymn.  We continued memorizing Psalm 91, and reviewed previously learned texts and songs.  Our Proverbs memory project has been progressing, but not as well as I had wished.  Even though the three oldest will continue to study it on their own, from now on we’ll also all work on a few verses together. 



If we wear our rubber boots and water-resistant jackets, we can go for walks along the newly-made paths in our woods.  The river rushes by as though it were spring.  One of the children surprised a racoon.  The dog found a porcupine and was sadly surprised by it; our two oldest removed dozens of quills from her mouth.  We found another wild apple tree in the woods, but after all the frosts the apples are not very good anymore.  The Little Misses and I went for a long walk, creeping over roots, rocks, and piles of old logs, exploring river banks, and finding rushing rapids instead of the massive stones we used to play on.



Each week we’ve been eating 3-4 pumpkins, 3-4 squashes and 4+ turnips (raw as a snack).  We also still have kale, brussels sprouts, beets, turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, Italian dandelion, parsley, and parsnips in the garden.  I hope to freeze the last of the beets today and to preserve, somehow, the dandelions.  Ham has been on sale here, so we’ve been enjoying that as well. 



We’ve had colds and sniffles, but no flu and we’re grateful for that.  So many people are ill!


Read Alouds

  • With everyone, in honour of Reformation Day:  Luther the Leader by Virgil Robinson.
  • On days when Miss 16 Year-Old is away at work:  Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen. (This book requires some editing on account of unpleasant sibling interactions.)
  • With the Little Misses:  Little House on the Prairies by Laura Ingalls Wilder.


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  1. proverbsmama says:

    Sounds like you've had a very productive week. I hope this week is a week of abundant blessings and good health for all of you.

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