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Falling Water Drops


Now, here’s something amazing that my husband found on the blog “The Doctor is In.”  You can see a 2000-frames-per-second video of what happens to a water drop when it lands on a water surface, and it’s fascinating.  


You might be content with just watching the drops, but if you wish to understand what the researchers are saying, the following simplified background information might help.


Water is composed of molecules that like to stay close to each other.  That property causes both the cohesion (the stick-together-ness) of water and its surface tension (how the surface molecules of water cling to each other so much that some very light objects, such as water bugs, don’t break through the surface). 


I’ve spent many happy hours studying these properties of water, but rarely have I seen such an astounding demonstration of them. 


Do take the time to watch the amazing video, and then remember that it’s raining billions of raindrops every day throughout the world, and each time these tiny drops land on a puddle, lake, river, sea, or ocean, they dance!


Soli Deo Gloria.



  1. sagerats says:

    Wow, that was so fascinating! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. kristenph says:

    I definitely think I will forget that I turned 39 this year 🙂

  3. LarabaK says:

    Thanks for giving us that link. Very cool.


  4. solidrock says:

    This is sooooo cool! Thanks for sharing…we watched it over and over and over!

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