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Fit Mommy Check-In


This was another good week.  We finally had a winter storm and it’s wonderful to see all that snow, although not so wonderful to drive in it.  And drive around we did.  This week I was out with some or all of the children three mornings, and I’m not over-tired!  Despite the running around, it looks as though the children will meet their schoolwork goals for the week.  Big smile.


Exercise:  I walked most days, in stores or running around a lot inside the house.  I only took a few actual outdoor walks, but they were great, and I’m ready to go for a bit longer walk once all the slippery snow is off the roads.  No stretching, a few calisthenics, and one shopping outing where I packed the groceries successfully, and that’s it for the week.  However, I haven’t felt tired, so I’m pleased.  Next week I hope to do a bit more outdoor walking as well as some other exercises.


Food:  Lots of vegetables, especially now that I’ve decided to continue avoiding yeast.  It seems there’s not much else to eat anymore (not really, but that’s the way it feels to me).  It’s funny, but I’m no longer as snack-hungry as I was, even though I’m probably eating less calories.  The last time I went yeast-free, the same thing happened, and I had to start drinking cream to keep my weight up.  The kids were envious, but I was worried since the doctors had been asking at every visit, “So, have you started losing weight yet?”   (They were still expecting to find cancer, but they didn’t.  Praise the Lord!)


Relaxation:  It’s hard to relax when I’m feeling energetic, but I know I should.  For the next seven days I’ll try to do more of it, starting today.


Back to Normal Life:  I packed my own groceries this week without getting that terrible limp noodle feeling!  I drove my children to their math contest yesterday, rather than having my husband or friends do it!  I’m so thankful!  God is good.  Perhaps next week I’ll be able to attend both Sunday church services.  That will be a real mile-stone for me.


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  1. solidrock says:

    You are doing so well! I really need to get back on my no yeast diet and stick to it. I am feeling the pain of eating yeast and sugar. Its my own fault as I know how it makes me feel to eat those things.

    On cars and kids;;;

    Our kids go to work early and start saving for a car long before they can drive. Because we usually find a free first car they put the cash towards upkeep, insurance, and keep saving for the one they want. As for education they have so far gotton scholarships and grants to carry them through.Our oldest even got enough grant money to pay for living expenses this past year. It pays to start applying early for grants and scholarships too.There is lots of money out there! Grants are the best as they are "free" with no pay back. Our DIL had to get a student loan her first year at a four year school but should be able to get a scholarship this coming year. All of our college kids work full time as well as school full time.

    I am inspired by your fit post! Back on the wagon I go today! I have been too lazy this winter and it really shows. Physically and mentally. I am so sluggish and tired.Never thought to walk in the mall. That is a great idea. Winter has been sooo long here.

  2. Tracy says:

    So good to hear your energy level has increased. What a great feeling that must be. Keep up the great work!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am delighted to see that you are doing well!!!!!!


    Mrs. White


  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Sounds like you've made tremendous strides this week! That's awesome! I'm very happy for you. 🙂

    You know, years ago when I went all raw foodie, I too dropped a significant amount of weight in a very short period of time. It's amazing, isn't it? (Who would've thought?)

    Gosh, I'm still smiling after reading your post. That is so neat that you weren't wiped out! What a thrill that have must been for you! Woohooo!!!! 😀

    ~Denise (the Chai Mommy)

  5. proverbsmama says:

    Thanks for letting me know about my Ebay links. I corrected them.

    I sure slept in late today after working the afternoon shift last night. I didn't get up until 10 AM! I'm drinking some caffeine now just to "clear the cobwebs" in my head. 🙂

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