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Incredible Shakespeare Resource


Here’s the best deal I’ve ever seen on Shakespeare resources.  If your family is interested in learning about Shakespeare (and, yes, I realize not all families are), then you can’t go wrong with this collection. 


The Shakespeare for the Ears Homes Study Course from Homeschool Radio Shows includes


  • an audio recording of E. Nesbitt’s Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare, as well as the written book in PDF format
  • Lamb’s Tales of Shakespeare, another retelling for children (PDF)
  • old time radio audio dramatization of eight plays (MP3)
  • a Shakespeare coloring book
  • many, many study guides and teaching resources
  • a special report with tips from over 300 homeschool families that study Shakespeare
  • and more


We have often used both Nesbitt’s and Lamb’s books, having been introduced to them by the Charlotte Mason curriculum, Ambleside Online.  They are wonderful adaptations of Shakespeare for children, but I also use them myself to become familiar with the stories.   


I have not yet seen this Home Study Course myself, but wanted to let you know about it immediately because it is a limited time offer.  I have always been satisfied with everything I’ve received from the Erskine family.



This home study course includes audio dramatizations of some of the tragedies.  I highly recommend that you listen to them yourself before letting your children experience them.  Shakespeare’s tragedies can be very intense and are not meant for little ones. On the other hand they can give older teens and adults an insightful look into human nature, written at a time when the prevailing world-view was Christian.


To Purchase: 

The Shakespeare for the Ears Home Study Course is available here on MP3 for $19.95 US, with free shipping to anywhere in the world.  After April 23, the price goes back up to $29.95 US.  The Erskine family offers a 6-month unconditional guarantee on their products. 


This is an unsolicited review.  I am just sharing information I received from Homeschool Resource of the Day.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My son is such an auditory learner–and I'm not and I forget to use items like this. I need to do more like this! Thanks.

    Heather Q-S from TOS

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