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Fit Mommy Friday

It’s time for another Fit Mommy update.  This was a hot, humid week…and we planted a third of the garden.  We were certainly busy, but it was good.

Exercise:  I went on some walks, usually accompanied by mosquitoes and sometimes also by my children.  We all gardened, but the children did the heavy work while I did what I could.  I played our new organ almost every day and overdid it on the pedal scales.   Oh well, I can still play with my hands.  And it was so hot that we used the pool often.  I’m not yet strong enough to swim, but I skim the surface clean and walk in the pool while the children swim.  Then, when I’m tired or cold, I rest on the deck.  (Yes, we are so blessed!)

Nutrition:  We had some wonderful meals, but not quite as many vegetables as last week.  We’ve enjoyed a lot of yoghurt lately, because yoghurt making has been successful…which it sometimes isn’t for weeks at a stretch. And yesterday for breakfast Miss 7 made everyone an omelette to order!  I had no idea she could do that!  Eggs, and cheese, and tomatoes, and parsley.  Yum! 

We just bought more vegetables, since the fridge was almost bare.  In the garden, the lettuce is only 2 inches high, and one cannot live on asparagus alone.  In fact, by now the children are quite sick of asparagus, so we’ve been freezing it instead of eating it. 

Rest and Relaxation:  Well, between homeschooling, gardening, getting my blog back into shape, and life in general, this has been a busy week.  I haven’t rested as much as necessary, with the result that I’ve been quite tired.  It’s wonderful to be able to sneak away for a half hour nap, even in the morning! 

We still have some more projects to finish this week…including dejunking the basement, packing for a short trip, and transplanting all the tiny red romaine lettuces that self-seeded last year.  Most of next week, however, has no urgent activities planned. That will be wonderful….

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