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Review: Rob and Roland Readers

How often haven’t I opened an easy reader at the library and returned it to the shelf in disgust!  Many of them are silly, and some are also ugly.  That’s why I’m so pleased with these two little books about the adventures of Rob, a grade two boy living in the Netherlands. 



Rob and Roland

When Rob finds a puddle of blood on the sidewalk, he is brave enough to follow the trail of blood, right to the whimpering puppy hiding under a bush. What will Rob do?  And what will happen to the puppy? 





Rob and Roland on the Farm

Rob and his dog Roland spend a few days on Uncle Dirk’s farm with cousin Nanna.  After Roland frightens the cows during milking, Rob worries that Uncle Dirk won’t like his dog.  Children will love to read how Roland turns out to be a hero after all.

These sweet little hardcover books, written at a grade two level, will be sure to captivate the early readers in your family.  Author Piet Prins understands children very well, and his stories have just the right blend of tension, humor, and exploration.  They also are undeniably Christian in a refreshing, matter-of-fact way.

The Rob and Roland stories are the first two Piet Prins titles in the proposed Inheritance Reader Series.  Paulina M. Janssen, a homeschooled teen, has done a remarkable job translating from easy-reader Dutch to easy-reader English while keeping the charming flavor of old-fashioned Dutch life. 

To see if these books would appeal your children, check out the table of contents and the first chapter of each book at the Inheritance Publications website.   You can also buy the books there for $6.90 US each.

Disclosure:  I received Rob and Roland from Inheritance Publications in order to review it.  We already owned Rob and Roland on the Farm.  My reviews represent my honest opinions and I am not compensated in any way.

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