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Lessons from our Involuntary Blogging Holiday

 Wow, HomeSchool Blogger is back up!  It?s been a few long days of wondering and worrying?and doing many other things. 

God has given all us HSB members an involuntary blogging holiday, and I, for one, have benefitted from it. This was a very busy run-around week, and each day I was out for at least two hours.  Some of that time would otherwise have been used for blogging, visiting, and commenting.  As important as those online activities are, I was grateful for the extra time.  I?m also thrilled to have finished a major editing project.

And that brings me to a discovery I made, or rather remade:  you can get more done if you focus on one major project at a time than if you multitask. 

Blogging is, in so many ways, a multitasking activity.  You?re planning and writing posts, you?re visiting friends, you?re learning new ideas, you?re commenting, you?re working on background jobs?and often all at the same time.  Obviously, our lives as homeschooling moms are filled with multitasking as well.  Some activities can easily be multitasked and are more efficient that way.  Ironing and helping with phonics, nature study and exercise, cooking and kitchen clean-up are all tasks that go well together.  When I have several products to review, I have a word document open for each one and type thoughts into the appropriate document as they occur, and that?s a form of multitasking as well.

However, when I have a few major projects to do, it?s very effective to focus on only one thing at a time.  Not only is it efficient, but it is also more peaceful than trying to juggle several huge tasks at a time.

So, that?s what I learned this week, thanks to the blogging platform being down.  

How have these few days blessed you?


  1. kympossible says:

    I’ve heard and read several times that multitasking is actually not efficient at all. But I’m not very good at remembering that when it’s time for me to focus on just one task at a time! 😉

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. The trick is knowing which works when!

  2. Jenn4him says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve had another sinus infection this week, so it has been just another week of trying to survive. But you are very right. Multitasking is not the best way to operate in general. I find that if I am cooking and I try to multitask, the results can be awful! I had not thought of blogging as multitasking. You made a very worthy point. Thanks.

  3. Annie Kate says:

    There are times I can do two or three things at once when I’m cooking, and there are other times I tell the kids, “Don’t talk to me. Can’t you see I’m COOKING?!” But when you’re sick it’s all definitely worse.

    Annie Kate

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