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Rideau Trail Walk #14

We walked the Rideau Trail along a treacherous stretch of the Ottawa River where the water is too turbulent to freeze.

Although it was unseasonably warm, the wind coming off the river was cold and chilly. I wore a wool hat and earmuffs, although some of my children kept insisting it was warm…and Mr. 15 wore shorts.

The wind and waves were violent enough to push ice up on the bank…

but the sun shone brilliantly. How thankful I am that no one I know needs to paddle up this river, and other equally dangerous ones, to buy furs!

One fuzzy splash of red in a world of whites, blues, and browns. Sumac is such a beautful plant.

Looking across the Ottawa River to Quebec. It looks as though the grasses signed Mr. 15’s photograph.

And so ended another beautiful Rideau Trail walk. We’re almost at the Ottawa end of the Trail, and hope to reach it the next time we walk.

Thanks to Mr. 15 of Teen Geek for the photos.

Details: Walk #14 (Febrary 18) was from just opposite Westminster to about 3 km further on, in a little parking lot whose name I forget, on map #16 in the Rideau Trail Guidebook. It was well above freezing, and the snow was very slushy, making for difficult walking. We walked about 3 km.

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