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Just Floatin’ Down the River

We have a small river nearby. In the spring it becomes large enough for canoes and even now, because of all the rain, it hurries by quickly. Every year we try to spend one sweltering afternoon swimming in a sheltered part of the river.

This year, instead of swimming, the three youngest girls and I decided to walk upstream to visit the little rapids, about a kilometer away. Because of the current and the slippery rocks, we all wore lifejackets and crocs, as well as bathing suits.

The dogs kept poking their heads out of the tall grasses on the river bank, marveling at our latest silliness. As we took precarious step after precarious step against the strong current, I almost shared their opinion. Every time we slipped, fell, and lost a croc, Miss 13 managed to snatch it from the water sweeping by her.

Finally we made it to the rapids and, of course, the girls immediately begged to slide down them. So we did. Over and over. The peaceful bliss of floating in our life jackets, after the tiring walk and the bumpy rapids, inspired us to rest on our backs and try to ride the current homewards.

Our trip was punctuated by “Ow!” as we repeatedly bumped into rocks or scraped the river bed. It did not take us long to learn what sort of waves signified rocks and shallow water! The life jackets protected our backs marvelously.

When we arrived home, bubbling with enthusiasm, Mr. 16’s eyes began to glow. He quickly donned his swim trunks and life jacket to accompany us on another trip. We couldn’t convince Miss 18 to join us, though. Instead, she drove us upstream to save us the walk.

What fun we had going down the second time with the five of us! I will never forget the warm, peaceful water, the shouts as we bumped into rocks, and the exhileration on everyone’s face. Neither will the children. How blessed we are to be able to enjoy God’s beautiful world in this way!

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  1. JoAnn says:

    Sounds like a great time. So glad you have something like that to enjoy. 🙂


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