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Review: The Glorious Victory: An Exposition of Revelation

Finding Bible curriculum for my teens is not too difficult, except when it comes to the book of Revelation.  While much has been written about this Bible book, most of it is either very scholarly or else full of sensation.  For my teens, I want an accessible resource that interprets Revelation in the light of the rest of the Bible, not with reference to current political events.

In The Glorious Victory, George van Popta explains the book of Revelation by comparing the imagery to the rest of the Bible and by relating the cultural references to life in early church times.  Not only does he provide sound exegesis and scholarship, but in each chapter he addresses the reader with the gospel.  His book is relevant, comforting, encouraging, and interesting.   

In thirty-six chapters, perfectly suited to the average school-year, van Popta works through Revelation.  Comparing the imagery and symbolism of John with that of the Old Testament writers, especially Daniel, Ezekiel, and Zechariah, he discusses the book passage by passage.  Each of the seven churches is discussed in its own chapter.  The seven seals, the seven trumpet blasts, and the seven bowls of God’s wrath, difficult as they may be, are explained carefully and pastorally.  Obviously, he covers all the other passages of Revelation as well. 

Each chapter clearly lists the relevant section of Revelation and explicitly states its theme.  The body of each chapter contains footnotes with references to other parts of Scripture, explanations of terms, references to hymns and confessions, and even poetry.  At the end of each chapter, a related Scripture passage and several Psalms and hymns are suggested.  Van Popta has also included some of his own hymns based on Revelation. 

Although it deals with difficult subject matter, The Glorious Victory is both accessible and applicable to teens. My children will be using it as part of their grade 12 Bible curriculum.

Of course this book is not only for teens.  It is actually an adaptation of a sermon series and would be ideal for family and adult Bible studies as well.

For those who wish to know its theological approach, The Glorious Victory is written by a Reformed minister from a modified idealist amillennial viewpoint.

The Glorious Victory is available here as a paperback and as an ebook.

Disclosure:  As usual, I receive no compensation for my reviews and my opinions are my own.

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