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Review: Taste and See: An Invitation to Read the Bible

Christmas is about our Lord Jesus entering the world to save us from our sins.  But what does that mean?  Who is Jesus, really?  And what are sins?  And why do they matter to God?

These are some of the questions people around us may have.  Although we can talk to them and explain the gospel, ultimately they will need to read the Bible for themselves.

But let’s face it, the Bible is a thick, complicated book, intimidating in many ways.  Unless seekers are avid and determined readers, they are not going to be able to make their way through it without help.  That’s why the Canadian Bible Society and Scripture Union Canada are promoting Taste and See:  An Invitation to Read the BibleThis free ebook is meant to serve as an introduction to people reading the Bible for the first time. 

“Taste and See is ideal for your un-churched friends because it allows them to read the overarching story of the Bible quickly and easily. It

  • Provides an overview of the main Bible story
  • Gives an introduction to 12 short sections of the Bible; 5 Old Testament readings and 7 New Testament readings
  • Identifies key themes found in the Bible and in the sections above
  • Asks thought-provoking questions to open doors of spiritual discovery
  • Encourages readers to take the first steps in a spiritual journey

It also explains how the Bible is a collection of different books with one ultimate author, God.  It deals with the very basics: chapter and verse numbers, Old and New Testament, faith, covenant, suffering, Jesus, and love.  Occasionally it encourages the readers to talk to the person who gave them this book, and at the very end, it encourages them to find a church to join and to publically confess their new faith.

One section is devoted to each of 12 featured Bible passages.  Each of these sections includes an introduction, a summary with context, an explanation/explore section, questions for application and growth, and further reading. The twelve passages have been selected to deal with major themes of the Bible and to connect with people searching for truth and meaning.  Taste and See has been written clearly and thoughtfully, and could be helpful to many.

I have one reservation about this ebook.  Peter Enns’s work is recommended in the section on Creation.  It would have been wiser to not mention any outside sources, since this is such a controversial topic.  But if the author is going to mention one outside resource, she should mention others such as Creation Ministries or Answers in Genesis as well.

With this caveat, I recommend Taste and See to each of you.  Bookmark or pin it for when you may want to pass it on to those around you.  Remember, it is a free guide to help you spread the good news of Christmas and the gospel.

Taste and See is a Bible engagement / outreach resource available online from Canadian Bible Society and Scripture Union Canada.

This is yet another book in the in the 2012 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge, and is also linked to Saturday Reviews, Encourage One Another Wednesday, Women Living Well Wednesdays, Works For Me Wednesday , Wisdom Wednesdays, and Frugal Friday.

Disclosure: This free ebook has been provided courtesy of the Canadian Bible Society, Scripture Union Canada, and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. for the purposes of this review.

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