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Adjusting Glasses at Home

Zenni Glasses

Several months ago I bought mail order glasses, but they never fit quite right. You see, I didn’t dare bend or adjust them, nor could I ask my optometrist’s staff to do it after not buying from them.

Then, last night while playing in the pool with the kids, I got an accidental whack on the side of the head.  My glasses were bent out of shape—and, for the first time, one side felt right!

After checking online for tips, and with the encouragement of my son who has experience with this, I very carefully bent my metal frame into better shape than ever before.  Voila! The glasses fit perfectly!

Now that I know it is possible to adjust frames at home, we are going to buy online glasses for some of the children too.  Eventually my husband’s insurance will cover optometrist glasses (which are indeed somewhat better) but until then we’ll spend a fraction of the cost online.

If you can get a professional to adjust your glasses,  that is preferable for two reasons:  they know exactly how and where to bend, and if the frame breaks it is not your fault.

However, if you need to adjust your glasses at home, search online for tips suited to your style of frame (metal or plastic) and then, very gently and very carefully, go ahead and do it.   Here’s to seeing clearly!

As for buying mail order glasses, I have found it to be a good option for single vision lenses.  You can read about my earlier efforts to save money on glasses from traditional stores.

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  1. JoAnn says:

    That’s great that you found something that works for you. We are blessed that we have good eye care insurance. I leave all the adjusting up to them. 🙂

    1. Annie Kate says:

      That’s great that you have insurance!

      Our hoped-for insurance will not really do all that much for us after all, so we’ll see what we can do for the kids with the online glasses and hope that will work well. Hubby and I are beyond single vision lenses now, so that makes everything a whole lot trickier.

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