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Bunny, Homeschool Thoughts, and Books

Imagine sitting on a verandah rocking chair, surrounded by greenery and birdsong, while cuddling a bunny and chatting with a daughter…rejoicing in the knowledge that this is currently the best possible use of my time.  Bunbun, our new little friend, has added so much joy to our lives! Ottawa’s Sunset Ceremonies were spectacular:  the world […]

Bloggers Who Became Authors

  While reviewing Nina Amir’s How to Blog a Book (link to my review), I realized that many of the books I’ve read are very closely related to their authors’ blogs.  As someone who delights in watching others achieve big dreams, I offer you this list of bloggers who have published books based on their blogs. […]

Review: How to Blog a Book, Revised & Expanded Edition by Nina Amir

At the back of my mind I have a dream, like a child’s pretty pebble, that I take out, admire once in a while, and then tuck away again.  I suppose many bloggers have the same dream:  to write a book.  After all, writing a book is traditionally what writers dream of…and we bloggers are […]

Comments Not Working–How to Connect with Me for Now

Dear friends, my comments have not been working for a few weeks, and I just want to tell you that I really miss your feedback and encouragement! Thank you Jenn for alerting me to the comment problem a while ago and to Jedidja for mentioning it again today. Unfortunately my hosting company has been having […]

Weekly Wrap Up

In our life this week… It is cold and we’re going through our firewood at a great rate.  But that’s a whole lot better than going through heating oil. As I mentioned before, my son has been getting regular messages from Web Hosting Hub about how Tea Time with Annie Kate is using up too […]

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