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Reviews: Molly

Review: Molly Saves in the Closet

After our vacation, I’m eager to dive into homemaking again.  One major aspect of that involves closets and clothing…and Molly shares many tips in this latest Money-Saving Digest.  Of course, Molly discusses a lot more than just clothing. How about making ice cream in 15 minutes, without an ice cream maker?  Or a scrumptious, quick, […]

Review: Molly Saves in the Kitchen

  Here’s another Money-Saving Digest review.  As usual, I’m sharing exactly what’s in this Digest so you can determine if it would work for you.  So pick up a cool glass of water—and perhaps your baby or toddler—and read about saving money while enhancing your family’s standard of living. Molly likes to give monthly reminders of […]

Review: Molly Saves in the Garage and Shed

Recipes.  Helpful links. Colorful pictures.  Frugal solutions.  A positive attitude.  This month’s Money-Saving Digest has them all.    In “Begin with the Basics” Molly teaches us to make lemonade using real lemons and sugar syrup, passing on two helpful tips for juicing lemons.  She also shares a trick to avoid gritty un-dissolved sugar in the […]

Review: Molly Saves on the Go

  This month Molly’s Digest is about saving when you’re out and about.  There are so many ways to make travel of all sorts more affordable, even though gas prices are continually rising. A sure way of saving money, time, and tummy aches while on the road is taking along healthy snacks.  Molly includes recipes […]

Review: Molly Saves in the Outdoors

  Spring! Although some of you already have greenery peeping up, we’re dreaming about it here with the help of Molly Saves Outdoors.   This month’s focus is on gardening, but there’s also a lot for those of us who are still thawing chicken water, making snow ice cream, and skating in the fields. Discussions of […]

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