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Foundations in Personal Finance Curriculum, Revisited

During school time Mr. 16 was sitting at the computer, chuckling. Having that much fun doing ‘schoolwork’ suggests to me that it’s not really schoolwork on the computer…. So I sternly asked, “What are you doing?” Sweetly he answered, “Dave Ramsey,” and continued chortling. After listening to a few more minutes of this laughter, I […]

Review: Foundations in Personal Finance Homeschool Curriculum

Looking ahead to my children’s futures, I don’t want to see them saddled with debt, living hand-to-mouth, fighting about money with their spouses, needing two incomes to survive, and unable to support their local church and other worthy causes. And I’m sure you don’t want that for your children either. Now, sometimes such financial strain […]

Wrapping Up: The Past Six Weeks

Here we are in a December world full of snow so crunchy that it sets Miss 15’s teeth on edge.  The bunny and the chickens, including a gorgeous new rooster, are warm in their insulated places, and our older dog Rex has graciously allowed young Sparky a (small) place in the barn.  Inside, our fire […]

Five Week Wrap Up: Life, School, and Books

The past weeks have been moving in many ways. First there was my 50th birthday when my five siblings from all over Canada flew in to celebrate.  There is no way to describe how loved that made me feel.  We had a wonderful time together and, though everyone’s life is back to normal, the weekend strengthened […]

Review: The Financially Confident Woman

Mary Hunt, formerly a slave to credit and spending, now helps other women deal wisely with money.  In The Financially Confident Woman:  What You Need to Know to Take Charge of Your Money she helps women come to grips with the basics of personal finance. However, when Mary was young she’knew’ a few things about […]

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