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Review: Where We Belong by Lynn Austin

Rebecca and Flora Hawes, sisters in the late 1800’s, are always in search of adventure, especially Rebecca who, filled with an insatiable longing for more than school and high society, drags Flora along.  As teens they sneak away from school, their Paris hotel, and the safe parts of their own city, filled with youthful heedlessness […]

Review: Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin

It is 1897 in Holland, Michigan. Socialite Anna Nicholson has fled there to work through her feelings after being jilted by her Chicago fiancé for attending the wrong church.  In a different part of town, Geesje de Jonge has been asked to write her story for the 50th anniversary celebrations of Holland. As Anna ponders […]

Review: Pilgrimage by Lynn Austin

I know Lynn Austin as the wonderful author of several books, several of which I have reviewed. Well, in this book, Pilgrimage:  My Journey to a Deeper Faith in the Land Where Jesus Walked, I really got to know the author herself.  I also learned about myself as well as about our God.   What more […]

Review: All Things New by Lynn Austin

God will make all things new, we are promised in Revelation 21.  Then the newness will be amazing and blissful, but here and now on this earth, suffering is often involved when things change. Josephine, having survived the Civil War with her mother and her sister, discovered this fact as she moved back to her […]

Review: Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin

Addicted to reading novels, Alice Grace Ripley lost her boyfriend because her nose was always in a book.  The very next day, due to Depression era cutbacks, she lost her dream job at the library.  Rather than stay home and face small-town gossip, Alice decided to hand-deliver a shipment of donated books to a tiny town in eastern Kentucky […]

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