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Overwhelmed, Under-challenged, Unmotivated, Disobedient, or Just Plain Lazy?

  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this week’s Blog Cruise question,  “How do you help your child if he is struggling to learn?”  We’ve dealt with this issue several times, and have discovered five different reasons for learning struggles.   The child could be overwhelmed.  In fact, this is what most people refer […]

Raising Bookworms

  We are a family of bookworms. In fact, I often say, “Stop reading and go do something.”   People have asked me how I get my kids to read.  First of all, I’m not getting them to read; often I’m trying to get them to stop!   According to some schools of thought, that could […]

Summer Learning and Project Contracts

   This week’s Blog Cruise question is, “Do you school during the summer? What do you do? Why or why not?”   I think learning is a natural part of life and can hardly be avoided.  Obviously, then, we continue to learn during the summer, even though we do not do formal schoolwork.  We read, […]

We All Need to Learn Obedience

  This week’s Blog Cruise question is, ‘How can I homeschool if my child won’t obey me?’     I don’t think you can do so effectively.  Of course, no child has perfect obedience—just as no adult does—but in our homeschool many of the difficulties are either due to trying to learn things too early or […]

How do you nurture a love of learning in your child?

People sometimes ask, “How do you instill a love of learning in your child?”    I think that’s the wrong question.  Children are naturally curious and eager to learn, and God has instilled this in them.  Instead, the question should be, “How do you nurture this love of learning? Here are some of the things […]