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Canadian Winter: Seven Day Forecast

(A quick reminder for you in the US:  0 Celcius is 32 Fahrenheit.) Our forecast, for what it’s worth, predicts warmer weather.  We might reach 0 degrees this week, according to Environment Canada.  Hah!

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

This weekend I will celebrate my fiftieth birthday!  I want to thank God publicly for the miracle that made this possible. Of course, every new day is a miracle for everyone. But I experience this is a deeper way than most.  You see, many years ago, when I was very ill, I received a preliminary […]


One day my daughters began to cut out snowflakes and soon we had a paper blizzard. Now snowflakes, airy white shapes of magical beauty, hang everywhere. If you wish to fill your home with them too, you can make your own free-form snowflakes, as we did for a while, or you can use patterns. The […]

Wordless Wednesday: Marshmallow Sculptures


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy. Thanksgiving. Those two words go together, don’t they?  We usually think of happy people being thankful, but the graphic below shows another truth as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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