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Review: Alpha-Phonics by Blumenfeld

Although Alpha-Phonics has been around for years, I did not have access to it when my children were learning to read.  That is too bad.  It would have saved us quite some tears and frustration.  Alpha-Phonics is a clear, simple, and inexpensive systematic phonics program that can be used on its own or in conjunction […]

Review: Short Vowel Phonics

Some children understand reading easily and quickly.  Others struggle, needing a lot of support.  Inevitably, parents of struggling readers look for helpful resources, but it?s surprising how little is available for those who truly need help.  To fill this gap, Patricia J. Norton, a physician, mother of a struggling reader, and reading tutor created the […]

Homeschool Crew Review of a Phonetic Reader: What Am I?

        What Am I? A Collection of Short Stories   is a beautifully illustrated phonetic reader and the third TOS Homeschool Crew product we received from Marie Rippel.   Earlier we looked at the Beehive Reader 1 (now called Cobweb the Cat), and All About Spelling: Levels One and Two.    What Am I?  is […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Beehive Reader 1

  When I opened the package containing All About Spelling’s Beehive Reader 1, I was so surprised.  This is a real book, beautifully hardbound with over 150 pages of creamy thick paper and lovely illustrations.      Despite the fact the Beehive Reader 1 is a first phonetic reader, the stories are remarkably interesting.  ‘At the Pond’ […]

Homeschool Crew Review: All About Spelling

  Our children studied phonics to learn to read.  Some of them learned to spell automatically as well, but others did not seem to understand that the same sounds used for reading could also be used for spelling.  All About Spelling  breaks words apart and uses phonics to teach spelling.  Yes, there are word lists, […]