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I Feel So Pampered

My 11 year old daughter wanted to cook supper, and she did a wonderful job.  We sat down to a table full of yummy food:  ground beef with Montreal steak spice, green beans, a salad, carrot sticks and tomato slices, gluten-free French bread, and tapioca pudding.  Very special! 

I used my free supper preparation time to record marks for my two oldest children who were at a bowling party to wind up the catechism season.  My long-suffering husband is their cheerful chauffeur, and planned to spend the time working in a coffee shop.  When he comes home, he’ll be pleased to know what good marks his children have been getting, something I should have realized but didn’t since I haven’t recorded marks for a while.

Meanwhile, the 6 year old helped cook and clean up the kitchen and then progressed to coaxing the dogs out of our red tulips, and the 8 year old worked ahead in almost all of her schoolwork.

After supper, we cleaned the kitchen to the happy humming of my 8 year old, while the other two studied French together, and then bedtime routines started.

Outside, the trees are sprinkled with tiny leaves, the grass is finally greening, and the weather is warm.  Inside, the living areas of the house are neat, the laundry is folded, and the dishwasher hums cheerfully.  Pleasant weariness makes the soft white sheets of our bed so inviting, a reward after a busy day.

May you have many lovely moments, gifts from God and your family.  “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”



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  1. proverbsmama says:

    DD and I have done something fun the last couple of days. While we've had a membership at the Y, during the really cold months, it is hard to motivate us to get outside and take advantage of the membership. Yet, this week, we have gone 2 days in a row. We decided to try something new in the pool. Usually, I do water aerobics (occasionally dd will join me), but she prefers to swim. We decided to try water basketball. What fun! It was so nice to do something different from what we normally do while there.

    Today we got an even bigger blessing. Shortly after we got in the pool, another hs family came to join us. They have 3 girls, all fairly close to dd's age, so it was wonderful to see her interacting with them, instead of always saying, "Mom, what can we do?"


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