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Welcome to “Tuesdays and Thursdays with Annie Kate”


       In this blog, I hope to assist and encourage homeschooling parents, including myself, as we equip and encourage our children to

  • love the Lord with their whole being and in their whole life, and to
  • love their neighbors as themselves

with the abilities and opportunities God has given them.

       Homeschooling is such a huge task that I’m always looking for tips, encouragement, and advice from other moms who either are still in the trenches or who have been there.  After collecting such tidbits of wisdom for a decade and a half, it seems only fair to pass some of them on. 

       One of the most important things we’ve learned from trying to apply other people’s wisdom is:

    • each child is unique,
    • each mom is unique,
    • each dad is unique,
    • each home, year, circumstance, and day is unique.

Therefore, a suggestion that works for one person at one time may not work for another, or even for that one person at another time. 

       I’ve learned not to take anyone’s ideas — not even my own from an earlier time — and apply them without adapting them to my family and current circumstances since….  

Only God’s laws always apply to everyone  

       A godly woman, Terri Maxwell, once pointed out that unlimited computer time means limited time to do everything else God has assigned.  I will try to be disciplined and post only on days that begin with ‘T’.  That’s Tuesday and Thursday for tea-time!  Since ‘Saturday’ also contains a ‘T’, I may indulge once in a while.

       The Lord willing, Thursday’s post will be about my current big project, planning the next year of high school for my two oldest children.  After reading books and articles, discussing with my teens, and then thinking through it all, I will, as usual, have stacks of papers full of scribbles.  This year, I’ll share them with you.  Hopefully my efforts will benefit your families and your comments will benefit ours.    

       Talk to you on Thursday, and may the Lord bless you.

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  1. LarabaK says:


    Welcome to blogland! I look forward to reading your posts. Our eldest is only 9 so I'm always interested in reading of those who are farther along in the journey.

    God bless, Laraba

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