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Simple Joys: Barn Picnic


My husband came home today, eager to have a picnic lunch.  This was unusual, but exciting.  What made it even more exciting was the severe thunderstorm and the drenching downpour.


            So did we give up on the picnic idea?  Not at all!  Instead, we set up a table and lawn chairs in the newly-cleaned barn, far from the ducks and chickens.  In fact, we were right by the big open doors.  From there we could see across our emerald lawn to the silver-green wheat waving in the wind and the heavy grey clouds hanging in the sky.  


            While the mosquitoes attempted to feast on us, my family feasted on fresh bakery bread, spiced Gouda cheese and tomatoes.  Miss 16 year-old sat on the lawn tractor seat.   Miss 6 year-old kept walking round and round, often taking detours into the loose straw.  My husband stood by, and the rest of us sat on our lawn chairs, enjoying the brilliant green view out the barn door while we ate.  And then, when the delicious sandwiches were finished, there were fragrant apple fritters from our neighbour’s bakery.


            May your day also be filled with simple joys!


            Annie Kate

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  1. belindaletchford says:

    I presume the thunderstorm continued as you picnicked! How invigorating. I must remember this idea and take the time to grab afternoon tea and sit on the veranda as our storms roll in towards the end of the year.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. All the best with your 'red flags"!

  2. jenn4him says:

    That sounds delightful except for the bugs. We got too many bug bites while camping, but we laugh when we think of them now. At one point I handed my oldest a fly swatter and told him to go murder some pesky bugs! I hope you can go camping before the summer ends. We have 5 more trips planned between now and Labor Day. Makes me itch just thinking about it. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    That picnic sounds like something my children would love. I let them have a living room picnic tonight with popcorn and smoothies… you would have thought I'd hung the moon! 🙂

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