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Reading Week


We’re still getting well, with sniffling and coughing and long nights in bed.  I don’t think it was the flu, since we had no fever…or perhaps all the vitamins and garlic helped more than we imagined.  


This week is scheduled to be our annual reading week.  Sure, the children will work ahead a bit in their schoolwork, and we’ll do some extra home projects, but the emphasis will be on reading—all sorts of books on all sorts of topics.  We’ll be picking up quantities of library books including a huge selection of Canadian picture books for everyone to enjoy.


Wishing you all a happy, productive week.



  1. franbles99 says:

    I love the idea of a reading week. Is that because I'm a bookaholic? I'd love to know more.

    Trust you'll all be really well again soon

    God bless you!


  2. jenn4him says:

    Oh, a whole week devoted to reading? What a delightful idea!!! My oldest is sick this week, no fever, maybe a cold. I let him do a lot of reading today which seemed to be what he could handle. I am glad to know that others do the same. Now I have a whole week to plan!! I hope you are all well and 100% soon.


  3. proverbsmama says:

    I hope you are all on the upward mend very soon. There is never a good time to be sick, is there?

  4. daybydaygrace says:

    That's a great idea! We love to read in our home. We do the summer reading program at the library, but i haven't thought about having an Annual Reading Week. My DC are going to love it.

    Hope you all are well by now. Bless you all, Traci

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