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The Week, So Far


We’ve been scurrying around like chickens, doing one thing after another and feeling very busy. 


Besides all the usual learning and home jobbies, we’ve


  • done a few haircuts (Miss 16 Year-Old does a great job on my hair),
  • ironed the Lord’s Supper linens (only have to do that a few times a year, thankfully),
  • discovered that around here it’s difficult to find AP testing locations for homeschoolers, and started exploring our options  (Sigh!)
  • had a doctor’s appointment (I’m still trying to get my energy and health back, and it’s going well but slowly)
  • put snow tires on the cars (that was my husband’s effort, with some moral support from the children)
  • fed and medicated the bees
  • returned 34 library books
  • started writing novels (two of the children are doing NaNoWriMo)
  • finished the last of the lawn mowing for the year
  • ordered more buckwheat grits (gluten-free, easy, and delicious)
  • broken the microwave (Sigh!) (Some people say it’s healthier not to use one, so maybe this is good.)
  • decided that the current schooling method just isn’t working for Littlest Miss, and started exploring options on that, too; (She can do phonics but when she’s reading she just says what ‘should’ be the next word; she can add and subtract, but can’t seem to remember what the ‘+’ and ‘-’ signs mean.  She’s smart, but things just don’t seem to get into her head through her eyes.  Sigh!) 
  • struggled with sniffles and headaches


This morning we’re off to the orthodontist’s… We’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, but also thankful that we have such a wonderful, easy, luxurious life compared to most ot the people in the world.



  1. jenn4him says:

    I pray things can slow down a little for you. I hated having a sick little one last week, but my, it was so nice not to go anywhere! I crave days at home. I need them.


  2. proverbsmama says:

    I hope you feel much less "overwhelmed" today. Those are rough days when we feel that way, but thankfully, we have a God who helps us through in spite of them.

  3. Canadagirl says:

    Yes, busy is a good word for it. I pray blessings on all your are trying to get done. I understand the busy word. ((sigh)) As you can see lack of my blogging being a sign of bussiness. I am so glad you can get back on my blog again. After I got your pm I really decluttered my blog and put it so there was only 2 posts veiwing at a time. I am also glad your ds was able to help you too. [0=

    I should email you a site that really as been helping my ds with his learning. Not what you call cheap but worth EVERY penny. My ds is 15 now and wished I had found it when he was so much younger. But that is how the ball bounced and we can only move forward.

    Sending you blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


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