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Fit Mommy Check-In


This has been a funny week.  We’ve all had mild sniffles, and I was very tense earlier on because I felt I had more to do than I could manage.  God has blessed my work, my attitude, and our health, and I thank Him for that.  As for paying attention to fitness,  here’s how I did with my Fit Mommy resolutions:

  1. Follow my doctor’s suggestions and not try to exercise like a healthy person Yes!! Although my son said something funny and I got the giggles and laughed so much that it tired me right out.  But laughing isn’t exercise.  Not really.  Rather, it’s the best medicine.
  2. Go for a wee walk most days  Yes!! Sometimes I walked around the yard, a few times I went a little ways down the road, and once I ventured into the field where I saw wild turkey tracks.  This turkey was so big his stride matched that of Miss 7!  The sun shone brilliantly that day, and it was so good to be out in God’s beautiful snowy world.
  3. Stretch 3 or 4 times a week, one repetition only, using the Curves stretching guide my mom forgot at our place, and my old Callanetics book  Nope.  With the sniffles and a lot of reviewing to do, I had no oomph left to stretch.  I’m sure it would have made me feel better if I had.  Next week I will stretch.
  4. Move my arms around more, including up and over my head a few times if it’s a good day Yes!!  I did groceries again with no strong helper, and I wasn’t extra tired the next day.  I also scraped a tiny bit of ice off our driveway on a warm afternoon, but I asked the children to shovel it away; shoveling would have been more than I could have managed.  One day I did 2 repetitions of ‘proper’ upper body exercises, but that was too much.  I must remember not to do more than one repetition of any unusual exercise.
  5. Concentrate on eating lots of vegetables, because they make me feel more energetic Yes!! At almost every meal!!  I even tried rapini, and it is very yummy stir fried with onions and then topped with cottage cheese.  (Guess what was on sale this week–rapini and cottage cheese.)  My husband bought me red peppers for a snack.  And garlic-stuffed olives, although I’m not sure olives are vegetables.
  6. Relax my muscles completely 2 or 3 times a week for a few minutes.  Kind of.  I was unusually tense for several days and had to relax my muscles every time I thought of it, sometimes almost every minute.  I couldn’t stay relaxed until my husband and I spent 45 minutes waiting outside in the falling snow and then 45 minutes more inside a funeral home, lining up to offer condolences to one of our neighbors. That hour and a half of enforced inactivity in the presence of death helped me see what was truly important.  

For a few hours this week, I felt completely well–energetic and full of vitality.  I’m sure the fresh air and walks had something to do with that, and so did the vegetables.


Wishing you all an energetic day, full of peace and sunshine.


Annie Kate


To read more about mommies striving for fitness, or to join in yourself, please visit Fit Mommy Friday.



  1. Anonymous says:

    You are doing great! Way to go 🙂 Hopefully stretching will happen this coming week!

    Debra at http://debrakb.blogspot.com

  2. Anonymous says:

    Annie Kate, this sounds like you are getting a lot of exercise! Walking everyday is a real feat, I think. Also, doing the veges has to be good for the whole family. I agree the stretching and relaxation is important. I need to begin that–for already this past week, I was not doing well- cold sores and fatigue really popping up. I said I was sick, but I suspect it's more along the chronic fatigue lines. I'm glad you are reminding me about veges and relaxation/stretching. Sorry to hear about the funeral. Yes, that does put things in perspective.

    Heather @ http://faithfamilyandfun.com

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a terrific week, Annie Kate! Congratulations! 🙂

    You rock!!!


  4. Tracy says:

    It sounds like a very good week. Keep up the great work!

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