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Fit Mommy Friday


This was another good week.  What a blessing!


Exercise: My wee walks are getting a bit longer!  It’s muddy on the road, and I trudged with my heavy, heavy rubber boots one day. That took way too much effort, so I’m thinking of getting something lighter.  I do have some lighter rubber boots from when I was a girl, but they’re red, and that’s not me anymore.  Smile.  Especially not for walking along the road! 


Food:  Not nearly enough vegetables.  I wonder if that’s why my joints ache in the mornings?  In any case, that’s something I need to improve, starting today.


Back to Normal Life:  We’re going out visiting this morning!    You can see how happy the five children and I are!  What more can I say?


I hope that you are full of optimism and joy as well.  For the stories of other Fit Mommies, or to join in at whatever level suits you, please visit Got Chai?



  1. goodstewards2422 says:

    Good Job!!!

  2. Tracy says:

    Great job on the longer walks- especially when the road is muddy. Just as red boots aren't you, mud is not me. lol! I hope you all had a good time visiting. Keep up the good work!

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