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Fit Mommy Friday


My goals for last week included trying not to get the cold that’s invading our family (I got only a mild version, but some of the children were quite sick), enjoying a wedding (wonderful!), making it to church twice on Sunday (yes!), and getting the garden planted (not at all).  I knew I’d have to ration my energy, eat very well, and be sure to allow plenty of rest time, but I did none of these things.


We had a very, very busy week, and I just couldn’t get on top of things after the busy weekend.  Probably it was all a bit too much.  In fact, it was too much.  


So, how did the exercise go?  Not very well, although I did wander through the woods yesterday evening with my husband.  The number of wildflowers is still incredible, even though the delicate yellow adderstongues and our burgundy trilliums are finished.  We also noticed a few butternut trees that are still healthy even though the ones in our yard have wilting, greyish leaves.  We’re hoping it’s the frost, not butternut canker. 


How did the nutrition go?  Here’s your answer:  gluten-free rice chips for a snack when we were out beyond lunchtime, and a coke to keep me awake enough to drive.  The rest of the week contained more of such moments.  Enough said.  But yesterday I made gluten-free bread and we had a few very healthy, yummy suppers throughout the week.  In fact, we ate one delicious tomato, ground-beef, black bean  soup (made by Miss 17) for supper…and for breakfast…and for lunch…and I finished it off the next day for lunch.   


How about rest and relaxation?  Hah!  That’s probably where things went wrong.  I did rest everyday, but several times it was not right after lunch when I really need it.  And several times there was just too much to plan for me to actually fall asleep.


In fact, it seemed as though I was really getting back to ‘normal’ life  the way it used to be before I got sick, and that’s not good.  I probably need to do some serious thinking about priorities, limits, responsibilities, and goals in order to define a new normal that’s actually health-building.


In the next week, I hope to go for at least 5 walks, do some light gardening, and try some snatches of heavier housework.  I plan to be organized about meals and to have time to prepare and eat them.  I will ensure that I’m resting by 1:30 everyday, rather than letting ‘urgent tasks’ push my nap times around.  And I’ll think about how to meet my responsibilities in a healthy way.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is so hard to balance things, isn't it? I have a hard time getting enough sleep, eating well and enough exercise…and I don't have your health challenges. I tend to do really well for a while and then fall back into old patterns when life gets busy or I get too tired to plan well, even though I know it will only make me feel worse. But…there's always the opportunity to start again and make today a better day. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I always forget that my name doesn't automatically show up in your comments. Carmen

  3. LarabaK says:

    I'm starting to feel a little bit better myself, but I find if I try to do too much I feel terrible again. It is so hard to pace myself wisely when I feel mostly Ok. But experience is a great teacher!

    Back when I was pregnant with our second child, I was pushing things too hard and ended up in the hospital with preterm labor at 30 weeks. They managed to stop it and she went full term, but that was SUCH a lesson to me! I had always had a "mind over body" attitude…I could do ANYTHING, I'd just push myself! That experience when our baby was endangered showed me that no, my body is not capable of infinite amounts. Since then, I have been much wiser about taking it easily when sick or pregnant, but it still is a hard lesson to grasp fully.

    I pray you have a good week and more time to rest.


  4. AnnieKate says:

    Yes, Carmen, I follow the same pattern of doing well for a while and then not.

    With the new Homeschool Blogger platform that comes in on the weekend, you should have a much easier time leaving comments.

    Laraba, I've been a 'mind over body' lady all my life, until I got sick over two years ago. In the long run, it just doesn't work. I hope that you'll be successful in managing your energy wisely.

    Annie Kate

  5. Denise Opper says:

    I hope this week finds you less busy and more restful, peaceful and on-track (health-wise). We all have those weeks from time to time, don’t we? Makes it hard when you’ve got so many things going on at once. Even for those of us who don’t battle chronic illness!

    Take it easy, dear. ((Hugs))

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