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Curriculum Choice Review: Rod and Staff Grammar Series

 Curriculum Choice Homeschool Review Blog

My first review with The Curriculum Choice was posted last week!  I’m excited and thankful to be part of this group of thoughtful homeschool curriculum reviewers.  If you want information about a wide range of curriculum, do search their archives. 

Here is an excerpt of my review of the Rod and Staff grammar series:

When I was a child, my younger sisters studied grammar differently than I did. They learned something mysterious called ‘diagramming’ and had very interesting textbooks.

Many years later a friend of mine was selling some books, and in the pile I found Rod and Staff grammar texts. Exactly what my sisters had studied! Of course I bought them.  We were ready for a formal grammar program.

…you can read the rest of the review here.

If you are looking for grammar resources, do check out this review.  Rod and Staff English has become a part of our homeschool.  Other grammar resources are also reviewed at The Curriculum Choice

Annie Kate


  1. Kristen says:

    Yay Annie! I saw your review already. Great job! I also used R&S with my older 2. I’m not sure about my 3rd child yet. He’s not ready for formal grammar. It makes me feel better to know that you used the books a year behind the grade level.

  2. Annie Kate says:

    Thanks, Kristen!

    Actually I use it 2 years behind the grade level; it’s still far beyond what most children learn. I think Susan Wise Bauer also recommends using it later than recommended (second edition??) but I’m not positive where I read that.

    Annie Kate

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