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Fit Mommy Friday

A long time ago, I read a fitness book that talked about every day activities as exercise. The author, whose I cannot remember, called such exercise ‘earth gym’.  I like that.  Our ancestors did ‘earth gym’, and most of us do too.  In fact, in a different context I once read that women who do their own housework are healthier than those who don’t, presumably because of the incidental exercise.  

This week, however, I didn’t really do much exercise at all, not even ‘earth gym’, except for walking.  The first few days I was very tired.  Not sick, just tired and dizzy and headachy, like the rest of crew.  But we’re feeling better now. 

Here’s how I did with my fitness goals.

Average at least 6000 steps, five days a week.   Although I walked less than 5000 steps two of the days, my average was over 7000 steps!  Walking a lot every second day and resting a bit the other days seems to work for me.

Do my physio exercises regularly and build up to the full reps by the end of the year. No.  I’ll start again soon.

Avoid sugar except on Sundays and major holidays.  Here’s my list of indiscretions:  a coke to stay awake while driving, a few gluten-free chocolate cookies, and a very rich piece of caramel chocolate cheesecake.  All in honor of a birthday…of course.

Eat lots of vegetables and yoghurt.   Yes, we ate a lot of vegetables.  I made yoghurt with grocery store milk rather than convenience store milk, and it worked this time.  Twice I soaked buckwheat grits and flax with yoghurt and water overnight, rather than just cooking it in the morning.  What a nourishing breakfast that turned out to be, and it’s delicious too! 

Rest daily.  Yes, I took long naps and went to be early, except last night when Miss 13 and I watched Sense and Sensibility. We both loved it.

If you want to join the Fit Mommies, just visit Denise at Got Chai?  As you can tell from my posts, you don’t need to be very active or healthy to participate, although some of the Fit Mommies are.

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  1. Sounds GREAT! KEEP it us Annie Kate~you are doing so well! Have a blessed week 6 HUGS!!

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