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Congratulations, Mr. Harper

Vertical triband (red, white, red) with a red maple leaf in the centre of the white

Yesterday Canadians returned Prime Minister Stephen Harper to his job, this time with a majority government.   Although a Conservative majority win had been predicted by some, the entire Canadian political landscape has been radically changed by this election. 

May God bless Prime Minister Harper as well as Mr. Layton, the new leader of the opposition.  May He bless all the Christians involved in the new government, whether as MP’s or support staff, so that our country may continue to be ‘the true North, strong and free,’ to God’s honor and glory.


  1. Carmen says:


  2. Dr.Miah Abbasuddin says:

    It is a great victory. Specially the third time elcted with majority, means you are loyal,patriot & honest with the people.
    Heartiest conratulation!
    Dr.Miah Abbasuddin
    former, Member of Parliament, Bangladesh.
    56,Tradewinds drive ,
    K2g 6Y7.

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