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Review: Mathletics

When I was asked to review Mathletics, my children were excited.  They had used and loved this math program/curriculum before.  Now Mathletics has a few more features, as well as another award, the ComputED Gazette’s 17th Annual Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES) – Best Home-School Math Website.

As I wrote in my earlier review, “Mathletics by 3P Learning is a motivational online, world-wide math program  for K-12 that includes competitive, curricular, and game components.  Its aim is to inspire a delight in mathematics and to improve students’ performance.”

The interactive speed drills with competitors across the world are still the best part of this program. Other features, detailed in my earlier review,  include easy-to-use learning activities, energetic multiplication songs, games, points, certificates, awards, and, of course, dressing up the mathlete avatar.   

What’s new is that Mathletics now features over 340 printable Instant Workbooks, and over 35 instructional videos via the dedicated Mathletics Parent Center, available to all subscribers. 

Our daughters enjoyed the interactive competitions, and reviewed some math concepts using the curriculum for their grade.  They also enjoyed the games.  We did not spend much time with the workbooks or videos, but they would be very helpful for a family that wants to use Mathletics as a main part of their math curriculum. 

Our Opinions:  As far as math programs go, Mathletics is enjoyable and effective for most students.  With the online component, videos, and printable workbooks, it could be used as a complete homeschool math curriculum.  However, it does cost more than the average homeschooling family is willing to spend for one subject each year.  

To see if Mathletics might meet your family’s needs, please visit the website.  Kids and parents all over the Americas are invited to request a free home trial by calling 1-866-387-9139.

For $99 Canadian, you can purchase a year of Mathletics for one child, with discounts for additional children.  I cannot access the price for different countries, but if you look at the website, you will be able to determine the cost of a year of Mathletics in your country. 

Disclosure:  I received two weeks access to Mathletics for my two youngest children in order to prepare this review.

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  1. Victoria says:

    WE were introduced to Mathletics at a homeschool convention this past April and fell in love with it during the free trial. We have purchased the annual subscription for our 6 school-age children and have already seen improvements in their math skills. Their enthusiasm for math is a drastic change from their former dread of the subject.

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