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Homeschool Professional Development with Blog Carnivals

Public school teachers have professional development days—without students—when they can focus on improving their teaching skills.

Homeschooling moms cannot do the same thing quite so easily.  For one thing, our ‘students’ are still around, so it’s difficult—or impossible—to take a whole day off.   But we still need inspiring and informative moments that challenge us in our homeschool journey.

For a quick online professional development break, I like to visit homeschool and educational carnivals.  They are a great opportunity to learn, meet inspiring people, and network, either by commenting or by submitting blog posts.

Here are the two I often visit and contribute to:

Carnival of Homeschoolingand CM Carnival

Here are others I’ve enjoyed over the years: 

Outdoor Hour button 



Recently I also discovered

Classical Homeschooling Carnival

as well as

Math Teachers at Play(no blog button available, but wonderfully creative carnivals about all things math).

And here are some more you might want to check out:

A Homeschooling Carnival

Homeschooling on the Cheap (a small carnival that needs support)

Mathmatics and Multimedia Blog Carnival (not really aimed at homeschoolers, but with some gems)

Explore, find what works for your family, and enjoy!


This post is linked to the Carnival of Homeschooling.

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