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Fit Mommy Friday-Preparing for Sinter Klaas

encouraging each other

to care well

for the bodies God has given us

Welcome to the Health and Fitness Check-In column of The Christian Home Carnival, posted weekly. For encouragement and accountability, you can check in using the comments at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to join any time, and at whatever level of fitness and health you currently have.

This was the lost week.  I don’t know where it went.  No, that’s not true; I do know where it went:  into various time-consuming projects.  I did some work for my husband, I sewed and shopped in an effort to ‘help out’ Sinter Klaas (the Dutch Santa) whose special day is this weekend, and I tried to keep the house running.   Although I focussed on the important things, there were an awful lot of important things this week!  Exercise did not make it very high on the list. 

To my surprise, each day’s fitness record shows that I did do a lot of the right things, though.

Record my fitness accomplishments each day…Yes.

Do my eye exercises 3x a week …  No.  And my eyes are getting worse.  It’s time to do something about that…after Sinter Klaas has come and gone.

Go for a daily walk and take at least 6000 steps a day … Several nature walks and several shopping trips got me these daily step numbers: 6000, 4200, 6000, 5900, 8300.

Do my physio exercises daily and slowly build up to the half program by December 31 … Only some of them, some of the time.  But I did play in the pool a bit and swim one length, with rest pauses in between.  My posture has been getting worse, though, and that means I’ve got to get exercising.

Avoid sugar five days a week … No, but I minimized it.  With traditional Sinter Klaas goodies coming out of our oven, that’s all that can be expected.

Eat lots of vegetables, including fresh ones, and yoghurt … Lots of yoghurt with flaxseed, lots of vegetables, and many huge, delicious grapefruits (they were on sale).

Relax daily… Most days I rested, but not enough.  It was difficult to pace myself and several evenings I had to lie down on the couch because I was just too tired.

Have fun with the kids, including active fun… Swimming.  Crafting.  Reading aloud.  Walking.  Planning Sinter Klaas’s visit.

How about you? Did you exercise, eat well, and relax happily this week? Let’s encourage each other to care well for the bodies God has given us. Please link up your health and fitness post in the comments below, and don`t forget to link back here from your post. Then enjoy visiting and encouraging other Fit Mommies just like you.


  1. JoAnn says:

    Overall it sounds like a good week. That yogurt with flaxseed sounds yummy, I might just have to run out for some yogurt. 🙂

    I actually got a Fit Mommy Friday post written, http://wgcreates.com/josjourney/fit-mommy-friday-2/ .

  2. Briana says:

    With how busy you were that was a great week!

    My husband was able to improve his vision by giving up his glasses that he was becoming more dependent on for driving. I’ve also read that if you are working on the computer you should take a break every once in awhile and look into the distance and try to focus on something there. I try to do that when I’m reading too. I don’t want glasses! I’ll have to try out some of your exercises.


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