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Sean Quigley: Spreading the Word the Best Way I Can

 “Christmas is about the Lord Jesus being born, and that’s that.”  To spread this message, Sean Quigley, a 16 year-old Winnipeg high school student, created and uploaded a video that has gone viral, with over 750,000 views in 12 days. 

Sean arranged the music, played all the instruments, did the vocals, recorded it, and then shot and edited the video himself.  Inspiring, huh? 

Even more inspiring is this excerpt from an interview:

Why are you spreading the word this way?  “I think about that daily…. What’s the best way that I can spread the Word?  And I think God has given me a knack for music and a talent for music and to not use that to reach people would be silly, I think.”

As Christmas approaches, let us each consider how we can ‘play our drum for Him, play our best for Him’ and then carry that into the New Year

May God bless each of us as we seek to glorify Him.

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