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Weekly Wrap-Up: A Busy Week

In my life this week… Someone once said that stress is doing one thing while you feel you need to be doing something else.  After this busy week, I know the truth of that saying first-hand.  Yet, each of the things I did was enjoyable and worthwhile in itself.

  •  The seed order for our 4000 square foot garden needed to be made up–that’s menu planning and scheduling on a grand scale, because it determines a lot of what we’ll eat for the next year.  Organizing, deciding about old seed, choosing new seed varieties, and trying to oversee the summer’s gardening was hard work, and I’m glad it’s finished. 
  • Due to a miscommunication, I had more reviewing than usual to do this week.  Two of the reviews are up and one will be posted on The Curriculum Choice next month.
  • We met some new friends and took them to the Museum of Civilization.  That was so much fun!
  • I met with another dear new friend who has a fascinating project set up.  More on that later.
  • This past month I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to canvas for the Cancer Society’s April fundraiser.  I couldn’t say ‘yes’, nor could I say ‘no’.    Suddenly it came to me in a flash that I could do half of our street instead of the whole thing, and the coordinator accepted that gratefully.  One more tough decision made!  It had weighed on me more than the actual canvassing would.

In our homeschool this week… The Little Misses officially finished term 2 and began the final term.  Miss 14 is finished most of the work as well, and Mr. 16 is getting close.  It’s amazing how much they have learned in the last term, although some days it seemed no one was learning anything.

I did not manage to keep up with my children’s school reading, and we skipped our on-the-couch studies half the time this week. That’s not so good for French and Dutch, nor for anything else, and it really bothered me.

My teens went on a test writing binge one day.  When they are ready to write a test, anyone in the family (not just me) can give the test to them and they just have to write it in a public place.  I was surprised by a French test, a French final exam, a physics test, and a biology test, as well as a very creative math report, written as poetry. For good measure, Miss 11 joined in with a grammar test, her sixth official test.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Try not to schedule too much into a week. 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Judo, library, stores, friends, museum, woods, neighbors.  

My favorite thing this week was… After marking all those tests, I felt like Mr. Bennet who informed his family that if any more young men showed up for his daughters he was quite at leisure.  I told the kids that I felt quite ready to give good marks to as many tests as they could hand me.  🙂  Seriously, I am very grateful for their hard work and abilities.

Questions/thoughts I have… How many weeks until gardening?  And how will we fit all the schoolwork in when outside life begins?  We’d better work hard while we can.

Things I’m working on

  • Dejunking our bookshelves.
  • Preparing for term 3 and setting up the children’s weekly work lists. 
  • Recording my teens’ marks.
  • Planning the garden.

I’m reading… Acts. I finished Romans, The Money Saving Mom’s Budget, and Chasing the Sun. Currently I’m reading The Happiness Project and starting Tyndale by David Teems. I’ve put Mindsight by Siegel on hold while concentrating on other books for a while.

With the kids, I’m reading Romans, These Happy Golden Years, Rozemarijntje Gaat Naar SchoolThe Story Bible for Older Children, and various books for school. We finished the third volume of the Wambu trilogy and started Wind in the Willows again.  So  far it’s not as good as I recall.

When my husband is home for meals, we read Isaiah.

I’m grateful for … Completed commitments.


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  1. I enjoy your weekly wrap ups and how real you are. I really like your advice of not packing too much in a week. I am working on this and sometimes I do good and other times not.

    I am refreshed after my blog break and am enjoying be bopping around blog land. But at the same time I need to keep a careful eye on how much I am here. That is a good lesson I have learned.

    I hope you show pictures of your garden as it is happening. Our snow is starting to melt off the garden and we have leeks on the plant table. Things are starting to happen.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  2. JoAnn says:

    Sounds like a good, yet busy week. So glad you got so much done. 🙂

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