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Pro-Life: Resource Links and Ottawa March

On Thursday, well over 20,000 people of all ages filled Parliament Hill in Ottawa to march in support of life and to protest female gendercide which occurs in Canada as well as throughout the world.

As homeschoolers, we are privileged to make political activity part of our learning.  Our children are part of the protest process and part of the solution, and they are learning to make a difference.  They are learning to be responsible citizens of our great country and that is one of the aims of our homeschool.

Thus we were among the throngs of people who want Canadian politicians to realize that all unborn Canadian citizens (girls and boys, handicapped or not) need protection.  An estimated 300 unborn babies at all stages of gestation are murdered in Canada each day.  There is no law to protect them.  At all.

However, Canadian Christians are becoming more vocal.

  • This year’s Ottawa March for Life was the largest ever.
  • The We Need A Law campaign is working to convince politicians that Canada needs laws regulating abortion.
  • At the forefront of the prolife effort is the Center for Bioethical Reform (caution:  website contains graphic photographs) which shows what really happens to aborted babies.  Their mission is based on the idea that invisible injustice is tolerated but visible injustice shocks us.  The emotional impact of this group’s images is huge.

Not only are average Christians becoming more vocal, but more and more post-abortive women are speaking out about how their abortions affected them.  Silent No More presented after the Ottawa march.  Many, many women, Christians too, have had abortions.

Just last night I unexpectedly came across one mom’s heartbreaking letter to her aborted baby, and another mom’s story of her experiences as an occasional abortion nurse and with her own abortion.

Kim Ketola has also had an abortion.  In her book In Cradle my Heart: Finding God’s LOVE After Abortion she shares the gospel with women who wonder, “How can God ever love me now?”  Read my review of this excellent book.

Other books I’ve reviewed that discuss how women deal with past abortions are

Besides all that, of course, there is the often-ignored link between abortion and breast cancer.

Abortion kills babies.  Abortion hurts women, families, and communities.  But worst of all, abortion spits in God’s face.  He made human life.  How does our civilization dare to destroy it?

Let us value and respect life at all ages, both in our personal situations and in our countries.  That may mean snuggling our babies, caring for our aged parents, helping a handicapped community member, counseling at a crisis pregnancy shelter, or being involved in political action…whatever God has given us to do.


  1. Thought I’d leave a resource here to a post I wrote after attending a pro-life rally:


    1. Annie Kate says:

      Thanks, Stephanie. It’s great to have more resources available.

      In reference to one of the points mentioned in your link:

      At the March for Life we attended, some pro-abortion people shouted, “Your body, your choice. My body, my choice.” So, I’m assuming they say no one should have any choice over another person’s body. Then what right do they have to assume life and death choice over their baby’s body?

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