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Hacked! Or Something

web hosting hub

This morning all my posts and pages had disappeared!  To be honest, I did not really believe it at first.  This was something that happened to other people, not to me.

But it had.  And I did not know what to do.  My tech-savvy son is camping, and who knows what ‘the bad guys’ were going to do next!

And then God reminded me to pray.

And then I contacted my web hosting company, Web Hosting Hub.  Let me tell you, the service was spectacular, despite the fact that my internet connection kept on malfunctioning.  Even after the internet connection stopped our chat once again and stayed off, Brian M. of Web Hosting Hub continued working and now I have the whole blog back!

Thank you so much, Brian M. and Web Hosting Hub!

And thank you, Lord, for such helpful folks!

Disclosure:  As usual, I am not compensated for mentioning these wonderful people to you.  But let me tell you, they are a joy to work with.

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  1. JoAnn says:

    So glad it’s all back. That is not a fun thing to wake up to.

  2. Hi, Annie Kate!
    That strikes fear into a blogger’s heart! I am so thankful the Lord prompted you to pray! That is always the best thing to do anyhow! I am so glad all is well now 🙂 It was so good to ‘see’ you visited today. May the Lord bless you and yours mightily!

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